The Good Project Humanitarian Relief Ngos And The Fragmentation Of Reason

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In “The Good Project Humanitarian Relief NGOs and the Fragmentation of Reason” (Chicago University Press 2014), Krause examined the shared space of humanitarian relief organizations; she also has done some research with comparative questions, about the forms of organization, professions, expertise, and fields of practice. She addressed how agencies manage their commitments to specific causes, people and territories. Krause mainly focuses on how organizations make decisions about how to allocate resources and the way to translate values and interests into practice.
Relief is a form of production which is so-called a project, the project and the beneficiaries who helped by humanitarian relief agencies become a commodity. The exchange market
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This book review will first briefly introduce the book and then mainly focuses on some points, which either I found the worthy parts to extend.

Through the investigation of the mundane activities from desk officers, in which relief agencies exist mainly in European and American countries, Krause found the method, which compares the relative need of the resources in various areas. It leads her to deeper insights to think about the questions, such as how do organizations decide whom to help, which areas to go, what way to involve in and how long will they stay? It is also worthy to discuss, how do we assess the performance from the humanitarian relief agencies? “How does NGO assess a good project” is the trickiest question, since the word of good is an objective judgment. Krause claimed that most people believe a good project is about well-allocated distribution, and also the activities that the majority prefers to see with harmless outcomes. The original definition of humanitarian relief, which is based on its objectives and ideas, Krause created her own version that the core of the project and the role of the logframe are the key factors, combine with the daily basis that brings to the successful project. Undoubtedly, it is a good way to measure the program with logical goal and day-to-day self-reflection.

According to these purposes, however, the organizations aim to pursue the successful project and some donors make an effort to win the high reputation, it
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