The Good Shepherd Village ( Gsv )

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The Good Shepherd Village (GSV) located on 300 acres in a semi-rural community within easy driving distance of Philadelphia had history of more than 20 years. In the facility, GSV has 570 independent living units 120 licensed nursing card beds, 30 assisted living beds and 20 studio units. The management team at GSV is very conservative, they nervous to make changes or adapt to some new ideas.
Key players
The key player in the case is Pat Evans, became Director of Health Services for six months at GSV, and he noticed two main issues at GSV, 1) most of the decisions for levels of care are economic driven; 2) weak correlation between each department.
Therefore, he promotes his idea about integrated delivery system to the board, and he forms a group called “The Geriatric assessment and Care Planning Team” which gather medical, rehabilitation, social services, nursing staffs to work together on resident health assessment. But his plan bristled with difficulties.
Some other key players are Reverend Kathleen Mueller, the chair of board, she strong supports the plan; Dr. Alexis Schmidt who is Medical Director, he deeply disagrees Pat’s idea about integrated delivery systems; Bill Wagner, executive director, Dr. Schmidt and she make the final decision to determine the residents’ level of care, and she has concern of pat’s plan as well. And there are also some minor players like, Louise Richards, chief physical therapist; Maggie Newman, Director of nursing.

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