The Good Side of Hitler

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Adolf Hitler is commonly remembered by the unforgivable things he did in his lifetime. The things that he did cannot be fixed, nor forgotten. Nevertheless, Hitler was smart and intuitive, and a great Politian, he originally moved from Vienna in hopes of becoming an artist. That was a dream that would be faded out way too quickly. Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, a town on the Austria-Hungary boarder. Hitler was the fourth child born to Mr. and Mrs. Alois Hitler. Six years after Adolf was born his father retired to Linz, Austria where Adolf received good grades in grade school and was very popular with all the other children. When Adolf reached high school things didn’t go as smoothly. He wasn’t as popular amongst the other kids and his grades weren’t good. When Alois found out about how poorly his son was doing in school he wanted him to become a civil servant. Discussed by his father’s wishes in 1903 when his father died Adolf was able to convince his mother to let him drop out of school at the age of sixteen. In 1907 Adolf made his way to Vienna, the capital of Austria-Hungary to continue his dream of becoming a famous artist, but he was denied both times he applied for art school. In December of the same year Adolf mother died from cancer, and he never informed her that he was never accepted into either schools. The more time he spend in Vienna the more his hatred for non-Aryans grew, as Adolf believed the perfect race would consist of non-Jewish,
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