The Good Society

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! Topic 6- Building a good society! !

Introduction to Public Policy PPL1011!

Every political party contesting the present parliamentary elections issues what is known as a 'manifesto' or 'electoral programme', in which it promises a number of policy initiatives that are intended to benefit different social groups, such as businesses, the elderly, university students and many others. These 'manifestos' remind us of the essential purpose of politics and public policy, which is to help create 'the Good Society'. 'The Good Society' means different things to different people, and its meaning changes from time to time. For example, when Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom speaks of creating 'the Great Society', he has in mind a
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They have a dual role which sometimes create tensions. In a democracy, leadership is generally provided by elected politicians. Democratic leaders have a dual role; leaders of a political parties; leaders of governing institutions, sometimes a source of tension and conflicts of interest. ! (B) Governance: A way of organising and managing. Public governance most complex involves the state and state officials, markets and civil societies. State: laws, rules, political will such as ministries, executive agencies, legislature, judiciary, etc. Profit making companies......! (C) Strategy: which is a way of doing things choosing and doing. A plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. The task of strategy is to produce laws, plans, programmes, projects designed to achieve one or more well defined goals. The strategists are concerned with practical matters- means and results. While political leaders assume the responsibility, but experts prescribe the technical solutions... !


Working to create the good society, who work to create a public policy ?!

Within the government:! Elected politicians.!


Outside government: ! Lobbyists and activists. ! Entrepreneurs.!

Policy analyst.! Chief executives of ministries and public enterprises.! Economists.! Financial analysts.! Managers.!


Boards of directors of large corporations.! Corporate

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