The Good Son: Movie Analysis

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In the movie The Good Son, Mark (Elijah Wood) stays with his relatives while his father is away on business. Throughout the movie, Mark befriends his corrupted cousin Henry (Macaulay Culkin), who then persuades Mark to perform dangerous tasks. Henry commits hazardous actions, including throwing a dummy off a bridge, causing a car pileup, and he flings his sister off a frozen lake into the frigid water(Joseph Ruben n.pag.) . The Good Son acquired an “ R” rating because studios did not want children to see heroic Culkin in such a nefarious role (Terror Tuesday: R-Rated Films That Should Have Been PG-13 n.pag.). Due to this unfair rating, it leaves us to ponder: how crooked is the rating system and what other movies deserve a different rating?…show more content…
Having films with just enough scenes eliminated, means that the film is borderline R, but not as bad as an “R” movie, and then there are the “good” pg movies that are borderline “G” movies. Borderline PG movies are inappropriate for the younger kids that can view it. On the educational television show, Adam Ruins Everything, Adam reveals: “ PG-13 movies have actually been found to contain more gun violence than “R” rated movies”(Briganti n.pag.). A movie with a lower rating, a larger audience, and younger children, should not contain more weapons and violence than a movie for a more mature audience. The MPAA, which is the Motion Picture American Association, categorizes viewers into 3 broad age ranges: 0-13, 13-17, and 17- over. For example, a 3-year-old might assess Jurassic Park as a frightening movie, but to an 11-year-old it might be an interesting sci-fi movie (“What’s Wrong With The Ratings?” n.pag.). Every child is distinctive; children develop diversely, and every child has a different cognitive mindset from others. Age ranges for movies are too wide and need to be more strict; a younger child should not be able to view a movie appropriate for a 13-year-old! “PG-13 movies contain some material that may be inappropriate for children that are younger than 13. While “R” rated material can contain adult content”( n.pag.). These are the…show more content…
According to This Film Is Not Yet Rated, some of the “anonymous” MPAA members work for the 6 major movie studios (Dick n.pag.). Hiring workers from movie studios ensure favoritism and that movies will receive a less strict rating, opening the film to larger audiences. Having a larger audience will increase profit, benefiting the movie studios. In studies, gay sex receives a higher censorship than straight sex shot with a similar scene ( n.pag.). Giving straight sex a lower censorship than gay sex demonstrates that the rating system is homophobic and biased. Requirements for the Bechdel test: 2 women that have 1 conversation; in the conversation, the women must not talk about men. The Bechdel test is a litmus test for female appearances in fictional media ( n.pag.). The Bechdel test is sexist and not necessary; a movie should not be rated based off the genders that the movie consists of.
Movie ratings are biased and broad, but they are good guidelines for parents. Many parents base if their child can view a movie off of the rating a movie obtains. However, movie ratings are no longer important. The MPAA was created for parents to know what their kids are watching. Kids are going to be exposed to violence, drugs, sex, and foul language through life, not the movies. Everybody develops differently, and many kids are raised aware of these
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