The Good, The Bad And The Caesar

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The Good, the Bad and the Caesar Mark Antony, Marcus Brutus and Julius Caesar, out of these three men, Antony is the one most fitting to lead Rome. While Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus are far from the leadership which Rome currently requires due to Caesar being a very independent person, and Brutus being easy to manipulate. Antony is the exemplification of great leadership through his humble backgrounds, his value in friendship, and his respect towards his enemy. While Julius Caesar might have been an effective ruler, there is a problem that prevents him from being the best candidate for the job. The problem is that he was less concerned with Rome than he should have been. Even when he was urged to return, he brushed it off and continued traveling. “In the meantime Sylla’s power being now on the decline, Caesar’s friends advised him to return to Rome, but he went to Rhodes”(Plutarch, 200). While being independent is good at times, being too independent is very bad. Caesar seems to be very unconcerned with how Rome is doing which brings into question weather or not he cares for Rome at all. One cannot be a good ruler if they don’t care for the lands they rule. In addition, the fact that he does not even listen to his friends brings up another question; will he listen to anyone? As for Marcus Brutus, he is young and naive and this makes him very easily to manipulate. In fact, Brutus has already been manipulated by Cassius in order to help him kill Julius Caesar. “Indeed,
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