The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly : Sides Of Social Media Essay

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The good, the bad, and the ugly: sides of social media Selfies, Likes, tweets, and posts galore. Most anywhere you go nowadays there is WiFi and access to internet. The advances of technology is helping research and making amazing medical achievements. On the entertainment side you are also always knowing what’s going on in the world and everything celebrities are doing from social media and their perfect snap chat stories. Along with every good thing in the world, technology has it’s downsides. One downside is the negative effects social media gives off. Cyber bullying is more prominent in today 's world since smartphones have advanced and 73% of teens have access to them on a daily basis. At least 52% of young people are victims of cyber bullying; all of this negativity on social media leads teens to depression, loss of academic success, and also brings down their self esteem. Serious health problems, such as depression, have been linked as an effect of cyber bullying. This type of depression even has a name, it is called social media depression. This illness is newer due to the fact technology and social media’s weren’t common until the 2000s. According to the article ‘cyber bullying and its impact on young people 's emotional health’ states, “Victims experience lack of acceptance in their peer groups, which results in loneliness and social isolation. The young person’s consequent social withdrawal is likely to lead to depression.” Being involved and doing things

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