The Good? The Bad? Hispanic. In 2009 A Pew Research Center

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The Good? The Bad? Hispanic In 2009 a Pew Research Center found that nearly one-in-four (23%) Americans said Hispanics were discriminated against “a lot” in society. A recent study has shown that there are more than 11.7 million Hispanic immigrants living in the United States (“Mexican Immigrants in the United States”). This means that more than 11.7 million humans live in fear of their livelihood being taken from them on a daily basis. With the rising number of Hispanic immigrants coming into the United States, the want of a solution to the problem becomes more popular. Although the concern for a solution is highly desired, American citizens should consider different factors such as: the two different type of immigrants, the…show more content…
Rachel McCormick is an American-born high school teacher who lives in Harlem, New York with her husband Irvi Cruz who is a stay-at-home father, of two daughters, Ana who is two and Sara their four year old, during the day and a restaurant server at night. Irvi illegally immigrated to the United States from Oaxaca, Mexico. Rachel and Irvi met at a soccer game in PoughKeepsie, NY and got married in a barn in the Hudson Valley, it was the merging of two cultures, a typical event in the melting pot of America. Irvi has left the United States to visit family in Mexico several times; therefore he cannot receive citizenship through his marriage with Rachel. Under a law passed in 1996, in order for him to receive citizenship he would have to leave the United States for ten years and then return with proper documents. Which means Rachel would be left as a single parent, and their two little girls would be without a father for ten years. Unfortunately the Cruz family is not the only family faced with this difficult decision as to what to do now that hispanic immigrants are at risk of deportation. “For the estimated nine million families of mixed immigration status deportation means families torn apart”, (America or Mexico? An Agonizing Decision) children without a parent and a spouse without their other half. These rates of blended families are not decreasing either, Linda Chavez, author of American Dream, Foreign Flags, uses the logos “one-third of

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