The Good Things About Solar Energy Essay

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A. Good things about Solar Energy. Nowadays, they think about the economics to how become it rise. Here are some possible answers: If you invest properly in your solar power today and take advantage of Any grants and tax incentives, even if your electric Bill Do not Go up as they are forecast too, you will Get Your money back over time. Well, within the time of the equipment and sooner if there is a rate increase in the future. B. The sun has produce a tremendous resource for generating clean and sustainable electricity without toxic pollution or Global warming emissions. The potential of solar power in environmental impacts are land use and habitat loss, water use and the use of hazardous…show more content…
THE GOOD THINGS ABOUT SOLAR ENERGY III. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF SOLAR ENERGY A. Depending on their location, larger utility-scale solar facilities can raise concerns about land Degradation and habitat loss. Total land area requirements varies depending on the technology, the Topography of the site, and the intensity of the solar resource. Estimates for utility-scale PV systems range From 3.5 to 10 acres per megawatt, while estimates for CSP facilities are between 4 and 16.5 acres per Megawatt. Solar panel is any where it can put. It can put it on your roof in your home if you can install your own in your house. B. Solar PV cells do not use water for generating electricity. However, as in all manufacturing processes, some water is used to manufacture solar PV components. Concentrating solar thermal plants (CSP), like all thermal electric plants, require water for cooling. Water use depends on the plant design, plant location, and the type of cooling system. THE GOOD THINGS ABOUT SOLAR ENERGY CSP plants that use wet-recirculation technology with cooling towers withdraw between 600 and 650gallons of water per megawatt-hour of electricity produced. CSP plants with once-through cooling technology have higher levels of water withdrawal, but lower total water consumption (because water is not lost as

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