The Good War

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Throughout all of history, war has evolved. Throughout America’s history, war has evolved. War changes from conflict to conflict. However, discussing all American conflicts in depth requires a semester or more, so this paper will focus on the changes from three conflicts. More specifically, the changes from World War II, Vietnam, and a modern conflict. World War II was the last of what can be called “The Good War”, where a group of good, loving American boys went to Europe to fight the evils of the world. Public opinion played a role in World War II, just as it has in all wars. Throughout WWII, it was thought, by the American public at least, that our solders could do nothing wrong. Our boys ere still that,, just boys. Boys who didn’t think, use foul language, or even look at women besides ol’ Mary Lou waiting back at home. The young, lovable American boys went to Europe and their duty without complaint, and certainly without misbehavior.…show more content…
Without comprehensive media coverage, depicting the brutalities of war, the pubic could make no certain conclusions. This covered the solders’ trails as they fought a dirty, grueling war. Throughout WWII it is kown that some soldiers raped and pillaged, some may have killed women and children, and the even cussed. This, of course, was shielded from the public, leaving WWII to be a “good war” Vietnam was a different story. Vietnam may be the exact opposite of WWII from a morale standpoint, from both the citizen back home and soldier standpoint. In WWII, it was known by the solders that home was through Berlin. This meant the troops had a goal, and that goal was tot beat the German on all fronts, pushing them to Berlin, kill the leaders of the Third Reich, and going home. It was clear. Vietnam was quite different. Nobody saw a point, and end
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