The Good Wife's Guide: A Medieval Household Book

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When researching the Late Middle Ages, the question of a woman’s role in medieval society is always pondered by many scholars because of the lack of documentation on woman’s lives. However, Gina. L Greco’s and Christine M. Rose’s translation of, The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Menagier de Paris): A Medieval Household Book, is a French medieval guidebook written in the 14th century by an unknown narrator, that outlines a married woman’s role by giving step by step instructions on how to take care of their household and behave in a proper manner. This book is fascinating because it offers insight into the ideals of gender in medieval society, which shows how when a medieval woman entered marriage they had no agency because they were limited to the…show more content…
The domination of the wife by the husband in marriage is most notable in the, Good Wife’s Guide, where the narrator sets strict rules for his wife by telling her how to dress and behave in public. The narrator’s orders of how the wife is to dress and behave shows how married women in the Late Middle Ages had no agency because they were not free to choose on what they wanted to wear or how they behave as that is dictated to them by their husbands. The story of Griselda in, The Good Wife’s Guide, also exemplifies the domination of the husband’s authority because the narrator uses Griselda’s obedience to her husband to use as an example and show his wife that she must always obey his authority no matter what the task at hand is. The narrator uses the story of Griselda to constantly persuade his wife to be obedient to his commands and acts like it’s her obligation to do so because in return she will receive his love and praise for fulfilling his obligations. By analyzing the story of Griselda in, The Good Wife’s Guide, it can be related to a broader aspect in the late middle ages because it shows how women are supposed to act in marriage whereby the husband acts as a dictator in the marriage and the women are supposed to be obedient
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