The Good and Bad Results of HR-Related Laws and Frameworks

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HR Regulations The litany of HR-related laws and frameworks that have been enacted and enforced over the years have all been well-intentioned. Examples include the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the United States Department of Labor (DOL). There have been many examples of justice and good deeds that have been yielded from the existence and administration of such laws and frameworks. However, some bad things have happened as well and they need to be addressed and recognized. Good and Bad Results The good results from laws like the American with Disabilities Act and the EEOC being in existence are not hard to spot. However, not all of the results and fallout have been good. A good example would be the recent EEOC ruling that using the criminal past of applicants as a means to disqualify them from consideration for jobs is not always acceptable and that is egregiously silly for a number of reasons (EEOC, 2013). First, hiring employees with a criminal past is literally begging for a negligent hire lawsuit if/when that person reoffends. Second, it opens up the business hiring the prior offender to being victimized because the odds of someone recidivating after already offending in the past is much higher than it would be for a person with no criminal record and an established work history. There is much to be said for giving people second chances but that should be with the informed consent of the company making the
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