The Good, the Bad, and the Genetically Modified Organisms

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Allan Brown
HU305: Critical Thinking
Prof. Bowers
December 9, 2012
Final Paper

“The Good, the Bad, and the G.M.O.”

I am a food lover. I live to taste new food items, try new recipes, and experience the wonder of food. For me, ingredients are more than just a step in the process. Ingredients need to be of quality and need to be as fresh as possible. They are the difference between a mind altering eating experience and a boring or even distasteful meal experience. With that being said; we have now engineered food to stay more fresh, longer and offer people with food allergies the ability to have things they once could not. Genetically modified foods may even offer enhanced nutrients in foods that may not normally contain a
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Genetically modified corn, with the exception of soy beans, are one of the most modified plants today. Most corn crops carry genetic traits that deplete soil nutrients, leaving the soil unusable for many growing seasons. The pollen from corn crops can travel to plants that are found growing nearby, like milkweed plants. Monarch caterpillars feed on the milkweed plants. Studies show that if the monarch caterpillars ingest too much of the pollen from the genetically modified corn crops, it eithers stunts the caterpillars growth or causes death (Ackerman). Moreover, are the potential hazards genetically modified organisms hold for organic farmers; if any part of an organic farmer’s crop is contaminated by pollen spread from a genetically modified crop, the farmer loses their certification. For me, this is a good indication that there should be serious concern about what genetically modified foods do to our (human) bodies. More than sixty percent of the commercially bought foods sold in stores contain some form of genetically modified food ingredient. This means that we are not necessarily limiting the amount of modified foods in our diet. There for, even people who may be health conscious may not be aware of what they are ingesting. For instance, a lot of vegans substitute tofu for meats in order to get protein in their diet. However, tofu is comprised of soy bean, which is the highest produced genetically modified food in the world. Soy
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