The Good, the Bad, and the Milosevic

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Slobodan Milosevic and many others who were born in WW2 have had troubled childhoods, Milosevic’s parents committing suicide which would traumatize any adult . He rose through the ranks of Tito’s communist party and survived the late 60’s purges where he became a close ally to the 1980’s party leader Ivan Stambolic. When Slobodan Milosevic was president of Serbia, Time Magazine interviewed him in 1995 just after the Dayton peace accords. His interview focused on four key actions that were affecting former Yugoslavia. Firstly, the atrocities that ethnic Serbs were perpetrating against Bosniak’s. Secondly his national speeches that focused on Serbian nationalism that gained him enough power to force the party leader Ivan Stambolic out of…show more content…
Hundreds of years of ethnic violence are dredged up at every meet; everyone thinks theirs is the just cause. From my impartial view there is more than enough blame to go around for all sides” . Milosevic came in to power in Yugoslavia because of his adept timing to use the 1987 protest by promoting Serbian nationalism on national television. Milosevic adamantly stated in the interview that none of his books and speeches discussed a strictly Serbian state. The concept of Greater Serbia was conceived in 1884 Ilika Garasanin and was the credo for the secret Serb-nationalist group “the Black Hand” who assassinated Franz Ferdinand . Emulating the same opinion from the Garasanin writing, Milosevic tried to create a Serbia that had complete control over the Yugoslavian area and discredited any country that tried to exempt itself out of the reaches of Serbian control. Bosnia and Herzegovina was illegally proclaimed as an independent state and recognized. Nationalism had been voiced many time’s by Milosevic which he uses to voice out against the Bosnian state. With the help from Karadzic another person who was indicted for war crimes, Milosevic was able to gain a stronger foothold in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Rape camps were used and created to eliminate the Bosniak bloodline. “Thousands of Muslim and Croatian girls and women were raped and made forcibly pregnant in settings including Serbian-run concentration camps, of which about twenty are solely rape/death camps
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