The Good, the Bad and the Perverse

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What is natural and unnatural can both be considered good and bad. Something like a disease is natural yet it is bad. Antibiotics are not natural, but they are good. Just because something is natural, it cannot be considered “good”. Something that is deemed unnatural can only be considered in some situations. That is when normal or perverse come into play, when something can’t exactly be named unnatural. The concept may be questioned because the answer for what is measured normal is unclear. (Trevas, pg. 229) Something being perverse doesn’t have to mean it is bad; it is immoral or moral in different situations. The actual meaning of perversion is an alteration or corruption of an original cause, meaning or state. A perversion takes something from being originally good, to then being bad. Good or bad, a perversion has no connection to morality. A type of perversion is a sexual perversion. Different religions, a persons attitude towards things; may probably have different ideas on perversion. Any action that brings sexual pleasure, but has little or no chance in resulting in conception is considered perverse. (Trevas, pg. 230) Under that statement, a lot of things may then be viewed as perverse. Masturbation, same-sex sexual relations, and the use of contraceptives, all things that can be argued to be natural; can still be considered perverse under that definition. Sexual perversion can also include sex with animals, tangible objects, and plants fall into that category.
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