The Gorgon Murderer By Ernst Kirchner

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The Gorgon Murderer
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, a dexterous and influential german expressionist, during the revolution of german art, once stated, “Everyone who renders directly and honestly whatever drives him to create is one of us." To clarify, Kirchner, establishes the idea that in art history, expressionists illustrate the significance of conveying feelings and emotions in their artwork in preference of considering a simulacrum; an image that is not influenced by the original artwork. Expressionists emphasize the role that picturesque colors, shades, lines, bold outlines and other artistic features play in enhancing the emotional effect of their artwork on their audiences. Expressionists incorporated diverse techniques in their artwork to tell a story or delineate an idea that can be realistic or ideal.
In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I observed a statue of Perseus holding the head of Medusa which I found intriguing. In the mythological story “Perseus stands naked with a sash and winged sandals, appearing to be the man beheading Medusa was purchased by Countess Valeria Tarnowska of Poland, is a replica of Canova’s famed marble of Perseus in the Vatican, conceived about 1790 and first shown in 1801.” Metropolitan Museum of Art. Museum label for Antonio Canova, Perseus with the Head of Medusa. Manhattan. New York, 8 July 2015. I consider, Antonio Canova’s sculpture to portray Perseus as a victorious man who expresses feelings of pride, accomplishment and…

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