The Gospel According to John

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Hermeneutics Paper - John 14:12-14 When reading the book of the John it is important to know the genre which is the Gospel. Before reading the book of John it important to know the main focus and intentions of the book which is that the Gospel is primarily focused on the life of Jesus and its main objective is to prove that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. As Russel puts it by reading the Gospel, readers can discover the charactersists of Jesus and learn about his teachings that serve as an outstanding model for all Christians who seek spiritual growth. One must keep in mind also the various directions for interpreting the Gospels which in the book of John contain six which include: emphasizing the broader context when reading, studying …show more content…
His character is shown through his loving and caring heart for his apostles and his death which he foretold to the people proves that he is the Messiah who would indeed come to die for the all of our sins. This passage solely fits in the immediate context along with the exegesis of the time period approximately around A.D. 80 and 95. Due to the miracles and teachings that Jesus was performing for mass crowds and attracting many of the jews in the surrounding communities of which included often high up people in the ranks. Because of this interest people exhibited in wanting to listen and find Jesus daily the Pharisees began to grow annoyed and frustrated, they came to the general consensus that the only thing left to do would be to arrest Jesus. However, due to the enormous crowds Jesus was beginning to form from his teachings the Pharisees were unable to arrest him at the time. From the teachings and miracles that Jesus did it attracted not only Jews from surrounding areas but also many people from ethnic backgrounds all which came to see Jesus in Jerusalem, Jesus spoke to the people about the hour of glorification: his own death. However, when Jesus preached of the hour of glorification the apostles became more aware that Jesus would be going to a place physically unreachable, this took a mental toll on them all once again in the form of discouraged and abandonment. But, like the time before

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