The Gospel According to Mark Essay

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The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the New Testament gospels, but it contains many important and prominent themes. These themes include: titles used for Jesus, the messianic secret, Jesus' mighty actions, healing of the sick, and the human actions of Jesus.

There are many titles used for Jesus throughout the Gospel of Mark. The gospel begins by giving Jesus Christ the title, "the Son of God" (1:1). This assertion in the very first line of the gospel is a strong acknowledgement that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God. The repetition of the title of "the Son of God" by the voice from the heavens (1:11), the voice from the cloud (9:7), the unclean spirits (3:11, 5:7), and the centurion (15:39) further cement the fact that Jesus
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Finally, the rich man greets him as "teacher" upon kneeling down before him (10:17). The use of the title "teacher" is expressive of Jesus' actions throughout the gospel as he travels from place to place and teaches the masses gathered to listen to his message. Because Jesus was regarded by many in the gospel as the savior and king of the Jewish people, he received the title, "the Messiah." Peter refers to Jesus as "the Messiah," (8:29), and the chief priests also refer to Jesus as "the Messiah" (15:32).

The theme of the messianic secret is also prominent throughout the Gospel of Mark. The theme of the messianic secret is first apparent upon taking note that Jesus is the only one who sees the vision of the Spirit descending upon him after his baptism (1:10). Jesus attempts to maintain the messianic secret by commanding an unclean spirit to be quiet after it cries out, "I know who you are -the Holy One of God!" (1:24-25). Jesus maintains the messianic secret by not allowing any unclean spirits to speak as he drives them out of their victims because "they knew him" (1:34, 3:12). Jesus also orders those which he heals not to tell anyone anything (1:44, 5:43, 7:36) because such accounts will also compromise the messianic secret. At first the disciples are unaware of the messianic secret, this is evident after Jesus calms the violent squall while at sea and the disciples ask one another, "Who then

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