The Gospel Centeredness Of Worship

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Gospel-centeredness in worship is all about how the Bible points to us in the direction of grace. As people of God, we can become so focused on gospel-centeredness that we forget about the reason to be gospel-centered and that is the cross. The imperative for the centrality of the cross in all church worship gatherings originated and was brought into focus at the cross of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Glorying Jesus Christ means glorying in what he did at the cross. It does not just mean looking at two pieces of wood nailed and together. Nor does it imply that every worship song we sing has the word cross somewhere in the lyrics. However, the cross stands for all accomplished through Jesus life, death, and resurrection. The cross focuses on Jesus death at Calvary including everything that gave meaning to that act: his preexistent in glory, his incarnation, his life of obedience, his ascension, his resurrection, his suffering, his present intercession and reign in glory, and his triumphant return. God created us to be worshipers and to live our lives consist in continual worship with every thought; word and desire to involve worship. Which means every affection, every attitude and every activity is an expression of our faithfulness, either to God our Creator or to God’s creation. Worship is vital to who we are, and worship is connected to every part of our lives. As people of God, we are called to speak, think, speak, eat and drink because
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