The Gospel: Jesus and History Essay

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In the Gospels according to Matthew and that according to Luke, Jesus’ birth and childhood is narrated. While both of these accounts mention Jesus as not only being the son of Joseph and his virgin wife Mary but also the Son of God, they also have numerous differences between the two. When compared and contrasted many scholars find historical inaccuracies between the two Gospels (especially when it comes to the birth and childhood of Jesus). That being said however, after a closer look at some of the historical problems one may be able to see that they are not nearly as important as the deeper motivation they bring out to the reader about God’s kingdom, the Jewish people, and even the Gentiles. Matthew and Luke each contain short but…show more content…
Here historians find that unlike Matthew where “Joseph is a direct descendant of Davids son Solomon; in Luke he is descended through a different line, from Davids other son, Nathan” bringing into question just who exactly was right?(Ehrman 143) However, these differences clearly have a deeper meaning then just being historically confusing. Matthew and Luke when writing their birth narratives were most likely trying to convey a deeper motives. For Matthew, his purposeful exclusion of Jesus’ full genealogy was most likely made as I mentioned, to show his importance. The fact that in Matthews genealogy hemakes sure there are fourteen generation between some of the major Jewish events not only shows a distance pattern but more specifically that there were fourteen generations between the “father of the Jews and the greatest king of the Jews” and another fourteen between “ the greatest king of the Jews and greatest catastrophe of the Jews”, but that all of this has led up to the “ultimate deliver of the Jews, the Messiah” (Ehrman 116). With this Matthew fulfills his purpose of showing Jesus as being intimately connected with the history of Israel. At the same time, Luke’s birth novel of having Jesus traced back to Adam and God was probably made to show just how connected Jesus was to the kingdom of heaven. After all, you cannot get much closer then to be directly related to God himself. Luke likely also traced Jesus back to Adam
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