The Gospel Of Jesus Gospel Essay

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Summary The gospel of Jesus Christ is much more than Psalm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter (Resurrection) Sunday. The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight explains very clearly what the gospel of Jesus is and what it is not. It explains how the message of the gospel got lost between salvation, the Plan of salvation, justification, and the Method of Persuasion. While these things also involve Jesus and the gospel, they are not the gospel. They are the result of the gospel. McKnight discusses how these results of the gospel got bigger than the gospel itself While the complete Bible speaks of the gospel, this book explains exactly where to begin in the Bible to fully understand the gospel and why this understanding is crucial to any Christian. It explains that the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) are actually THE Gospel, one gospel. McKnight also examines Paul’s role in preaching the Gospel of Jesus. Was Paul the only one to teach the gospel? Did Jesus teach the gospel as well? Where does the Old Testament fit into the New Testament gospel? What is the Apostolic Gospel? What was Peter’s role? Do we realize the Book of Acts is actually the Acts of the Apostles? What does that mean in the aspect of the gospel? McKnight compares the differences between the gospel of the Bible with the gospel of today. Is it the same? Would Jesus recognize His gospel today? All these points are made and questions answered from the Biblical perspective. Concrete responses What I think
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