The Gospel Of John Tells Us That Jesus

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The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus is the Son of God. Many miraculous signs that Jesus performed in the Book of John prove it. In today’s scripture, the miracles of the loaves and fishes and of walking on the Sea of Galilee also show us that Jesus is the Son of God. Many theologians match today’s scripture to the Old Testament, Moses’ story. For example, as we know that God gave the Israelites manna and quail in the wilderness, Jesus fed a large crowd who followed him. Also, as God allowed the Israelites to go across the Red Sea by dividing the water, Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee and controlled the rough wave and the strong wind. We can see that Jesus is the son of God through the Gospel of John. Now, let us see and keep focusing on who Jesus is, today.

1. Jesus never gives up for the glory of God Jesus’ attention always focuses on all human beings. I believe that Jesus knows us and what we need because Jesus loves us. Jesus so loves us that he even gave up himself on the cross for the sake of us and for sake of the world. He is always interested in what we need and what we want. He especially tends to take care of those who are in need on the basis of his love. In today’s scripture, the Book of John, a large crowd followed Jesus because they saw the signs that Jesus was doing for the sick. The people probably wanted Jesus to heal a sick part of their body or to heal a person who was sick in their family members. The people followed Jesus, maybe dragging a
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