The Gospel Of Luke: The Praxis Of The Spirit

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1. From the perspective of John Bowles, what action would you take or recommend in this situation?

John Bowles’ perspective is to be value as a person expressing his thought of the Sacrament. The action is to be mindful of the Scripture Romans 12:4, because the church should be viewed as a whole, as well as the individual. It is my belief, the pastor may have been concerned about wholeness of the congregation.
2. What would be your immediate objective? What would be your longer range objective?

John Bowles may have misunderstood and thoughts may have concluded that he was being conformed to a religion, rather than being united in the spirit of Christ. The long range objective to ensure each person understand the sacredness of the Sacraments
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The Praxis of spirit redeems the people of God from all lawfulness. The entitlement is to all humanity, because all are one in Christ (Gal. 3:28). The formation of the Christ is the last reference, which explains the entitlement to each person (Anderson, p.137). The Gospel of Luke explains that the formation of Christ as a daily submission of the believer to Christ (Lk.9:23). The formation of Christ conveys the spirit of transformation as well (Rom. 12:1-2), which leads back to “ex nihilo” making something out of nothing in the world of ministry.
4. From the perspective of the Pastor, what criteria would you suggest for determining the priorities of the church as a worshiping, fellowshipping, and witnessing community?
A criteria to consider is to continue to view the church as the body of Christ, but not all have become a Christian; nevertheless, he or she still is a person. As Anderson states, “the church is made for the people, not the people for the church.” Therefore, when the church worship, fellowship, and witness to the community, the service is should be to make disciple and glorify God.
5. In a few sentences, state your own understanding of how Christ prepares and sends Christians into the world as agents of
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