The Gospel Of Mark 's Gospel

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When you read the Gospel of Mark, there are things that can be taken away in the sense that they serve as a purpose for explaining the honor and shame within Mark’s Gospel. The Gospel of Mark starts out with the baptism of Jesus and ends with the burial of Jesus in the tomb. While Mark’s gospel is short and sweet, it is the shortest Synoptic Gospel and is meant to be heard, not read. Going through the Gospel of Mark, Mark focuses on how to have trust, whether that’s trusting God or trusting yourself as a human being. There is a lot of challenges that are shown in the Gospel of Mark.There is a lot of quoting of the prophet Isaiah in Mark’s Gospel that can relate to the many things you read about later on in Mark. Looking at the very beginning of Mark, we start to see how Jesus’s fame starts to spread. Jesus was speaking to the people in Galilee and after he left his meeting place, he came upon a leper who needed to be cured. With everyone knowing he had some special power, he walked up to the leper, stretched out his hand out and said that he was clean and cured. The public shows their concern of his greatness through this type of miracle. The pubic had an approval towards the way Jesus healed the leper man. With this miracle, the pubic knows who Jesus is and will begin to follow him more and more throughout Mark. There are a few times in the gospel of Mark where the people came up to Jesus and kneel down to him. With the first time being the leper man, he knelt down in…
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