The Gospel Of Matthew By John Hale

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The Gospel of Matthew
This is the secret diary of Reverend Hale, one that is disguised by one of the gospels to prevent any un-favored eyes from looking upon this. I am writing on the third night after the arrival in the so called bedeviled town. Ever since I have left my home I have not slept. It seems that all day I run around like a mad-man attempting to purge the calamity of Salem. This village would be like any other, if not for the evil permeating this town. That is my sole mission from God now, to seek out the Devil and restore liberty to all. I am ordained by The Almighty, and I shall see it through. As I arrive, I notice nothing queer, except for the people. They are what strike this town odd, and I sense a horrific vibe from …show more content…

I fully acknowledge the power of being a minister, but he seems to make it get in his way. I trust John Proctor in a way that is beyond my comprehension, and yet I have not heard worthy things of his reputation. He seems to be an honest man, but plagued with disruption in his life. The Putnam’s have plenty to offer in the town. I was appalled to hear that Mrs. Putnam has lost seven babies! It must play a role in the background here. Abigail is our light in this darkness, and I intend on using her well purposed in this God-ordained mission. The children are all lights in this dark village. Rebecca and Francis Nurse are both good servants of our coming Lord. I see and hear only good things in them, and they appear youthful, even in their ripe, old age. I spoke with Giles Corey yesterday. He mentioned his wife reading strange books, and the power of prayer. I did not spend much time with him, for there are greater works and cases at hand. Although I cannot put it out of mind that all of these background stories play a critical role in our purging of evil in Salem. I can only go into so much detail with these people due to my inexperience with them. Each day brings forth a new perspective on each person. People turn their backs on these girls, as the girls shun many, many women. It is a dynamic culture that they live in, and I know it is not only unique to me. I came to a town that people lived out their Christian life, but it seems that

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