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Charlene Mccallum TRS100. J Professor Flanagan 3/16/17 In this paper, there will be research on the Gospel of Matthew from Daniel Harrington’s commentary “The Gospel of Matthew”, This paper will explain the teachings of the “6 Antithesis” in chapter 5 verses 21-48, and the main point on “Jesus came not to abolish but to “fulfill” the Law and Prophets (Harrington 90).” This paper will also have Daniel Harrington interpretations of the writing of the gospel of Matthew. I believe that Jesus had a reason for his teachings and how he went forward to preach them to the congregation. In Matthew chapter 5 verses 21-26, Jesus teaches us that you should not kill. He reminds the people that if you kill you will be put through judgment. Jesus…show more content…
A fourth teaching of Jesus from chapter 5 verses 33-37 explains that you must not break oaths, and you must obey the vows that were made to the lord. But Jesus explains do not make vows and do not include the words heaven, earth, Jerusalem, and the phrase by my head. Just refer to an easy yes, I will, or no I will not, anything that is not one of those terms are evil. A fifth teaching of Jesus comes from chapter 5 verses 38-42 which explains “An eye for eye and a tooth for tooth.” Jesus explains that do not withstand a person of evil. If a person does something to you do something back but in a positive way so it will not count as revenge. Provide for the individuals who ask, and do not move in the opposite direction of the individuals who need to borrow. Lastly Jesus teaches us about chapter 5 verses 43-48, which explains that you should love your neighbor, and love your enemies. Pray for the people that mistreat you, by doing that you will be acting as a child of God. If you love only that loves you, what 's really the point? How does that make you different from anybody else? Jesus explains you are to be perfect like God is perfect. The commentary “The Gospel of Matthew” by Daniel Harrington major points explains that “Jesus came not to abolish but to “fulfill” the Law and Prophets (Harrington 90),” and that “Antithesis are

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