The Gospel Of Matthew Is Considered A Gospel

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The Gospel of Matthew is considered a Gospel based on the premise that it describes the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Translated into narrative form means ‘good news’ and the preferred standard to communicate the mystery of Christ. A Gospel is the committing to write of a narrative born of the faith-filled vision, theological perspective and pastoral concerns of the evangelist (Mullins 2007, VI). The famous theologian Rudolf Bultmann saw the gospel as an original Christian creation that centered on faith; cult and pastoral concerns arising from and illustrating the Christian Kerygma (Mullins 2007, IV). Kerygma is a fancy Greek word that is the very heart of the gospel, the core message of the Christian faith that…show more content…
Numerous studies show that the Gospels of Luke and Matthew contain much material from the Q-source and none in Mark’s Gospel. This is significant as the contents of these texts apparently passed down verbally from one generation to another. The M-source on the other hand is a hypothetical textual source likely written by Matthew and defined as special material that is neither Q source nor Markan. The M-source distinguishes itself from both Q and Markan influence with inclusions such as Jesus’s Genealogy (Matthew 1:1-17) and the Infant Story (Matthew 1:18-23). The Gospel of Mark or Markan material is plausibly the earliest of the Gospels and an influence to the Lukan and Matthean writings. There are 661 verses in Mark, 606 of those verses appear in Matthew, however Matthew is a simple, easy to read style as compared to that of Mark.
Exegesis of Matthew 4:23-25 & 9:35-38
4:23 Teaching and Preaching: There is a difference in these two acts that Jesus practiced. The teaching term is in reference to all things present, while preaching is things yet to come (Aquinas 1993, 142). By the word of divine power he cured the weaknesses of the body and by the medicine of heavenly teaching, he healed the wounds of the soul (Simonetti 2001, 74). It should be noted that at this stage of Jesus’s ministry, he is directing everything to his own people and only later in his ministry does
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