The Gospel Of Matthew 's Gospel

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The Gospel of Matthew historically was thought to be the first Gospel written, followed by the Gospel of St. Mark. Early church historians believed that Matthew was one of the twelve Apostles. Gospel of Matthew according to biblical historians came from the Gospel of Mark. Gospels of Matthew written before the destruction of Temple in Jerusalem in seventy AD. Matthew was a tax collector and as a tax collector considered a sinner by members of the Jewish community. Sinners, because they were unclean, were to be avoided. Being a tax collector Matthew would have known Greek and Hebrew to be able commutate with Roman and Jewish people. To understand the Gospel of Matthew you need to know he is a Jew and because Matthew use of Old Testament Scripture. “In fact, one of the primary purpose of this Gospel may have been attempt to link the story of Jesus with the history of Israel. Any reader of Matthew who wants to go deeply into this Gospel must be alert to its Jewish background.” Understanding that Matthew makes the point, the Jesus is the fulfillment of all the promise in the Old Testament. Matthew use Old Testament scriptures to point to Christ as the promised Messiah to the Jewish people. Matthew uses the Old Testament Scriptures of Isaiah to point to Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of the covenant with God. Therefore, the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel”. (Is 7:14 RSV) In conjunction with
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