The Gospel Of The Christian Worldview

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Gospel Essentials Of the many group worldviews around the world, the Christian Worldview has to be the most unique and radical. The combination of the Old Testament and New Testament with the teachings of Jesus lay the groundwork for how a Christian should see the world today. From attributing creation to God to loving your neighbor, there is a lot that Christians have to attempt. Which is where the beauty of Christianity really comes because the Christian faith is based on a relationship with Jesus and not necessarily works. Christian Worldview There are multiple essentials that need to be address when trying to define the Christian Worldview. The first being God, the creator of the universe and his personality. The second is humanity and how it’s communion with God has been lost. Next is Jesus, the son of God and the bridge for humanity back to God. Which leads into the most hopeful part of Christianity known as restoration, which Jesus paid for with his blood on the Cross. Of the shared world views, Christianity is the most unique yet universal because of its salvation based on relation and God’s unconditional love. God The base foundation of Christianity focuses on the relationship between humanity and God. Dan Diffey describes God by saying “God is distinct from his creation; he is a personal God who cares for his creation” (Diffey, 2010, para. 14). Christianity based on biblical teachings attributes everything to the specific design of an omnipotent and omnipresent
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