The Gospel Of The Christian Worldview

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Any person’s worldview acts as a determinant factor from which people are able to come up with the truth as well as understand the purpose of the life. Worldview is just like lenses with different glasses where everyone puts it on, nevertheless, what people tent to observe through them differs from one another. This is how people view the world. All the beliefs as well as the decisions made are interpreted depending on the glasses one puts on. This is to say that each person has a worldview. Christianity is one of the worldviews which states that an individual has to commit himself to Jesus Christ. This essay will discuss some of the Gospel essentials in the Christian worldview.
Understanding the nature of God by human being is much
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Firstly, humans are created from the image of God. Secondly, human nature is much sinful due to the actions done by Adam and Eve. Through the Bible, we find that Adam and Eve wanted to be powerful. Instead of respecting God as well as getting wisdom from Him, they ate from the evil tree which was forbidden. God has an intention to humanity; the intention of knowing only the goodness of life and not the bad and that is why when he placed Adam and in the garden of Eden, He warned them not to take any fruit from the forbidden and if they do, they will die, however, because Adam and Eve seized God 's order and command and evil started. Humanity comprises of the multiple purpose. People are given a unique priority according to God’s creation in the way that they are the only creatures which can communicate with Him. It means that the purpose of people is to enter into a relationship with God through prayers and worshiping Him. Human were delegated the duties of caring God 's creation that included plants and animals. All people have a certain uniqueness that is God gifted. In other words, God is corrected to make any changes in terms of destiny to people because of the unconditional love He has to people. Luke 12:7 put it that the very hairs of human’s head are all numbered and that no one has to be afraid as you are more than birds like sparrows. Sin is taken to be the root of individuality’s issue. Sins such as committing murder, theft or even
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