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INTRODUCTION At the risk of being judgmental this book is very complicated. The points are many and varied. In his lead up to his commentary proper Myers makes many points as he expounds the many topics that would influence that commentary. The World of Jesus and the World of Mark, the filters and models of that social world, the cross-cultural history and the socio-economic tensions of both worlds are all considered. The Jewish War is also a point to consider in that it occurs around the time of writing and most of the historicity comes from the works of Josephus. The major point to consider however is Myers' self confessed socio-historical hermeneutic. Because there are two parts to this essay discussion has been restricted to…show more content…
The hypotheses on how this Gospel originated are many and varied. The continuity of the actual message of the story of the life of Jesus seems, it would be generally agreed, to hinge on the Gospel of Mark being a source for the other Synoptic gospels at least. Much argument has also gone on about the place and time of writing of Mark and how this influences the traditioning or the handing on of the story. How the original written version came to be from the oral process is also a cause for the concern as regards continuity of the story. Was it faithfully translated? Nineham states that Jesus' very character was determined by the particular circumstances in which the tradition was handed down. Those who kept it shaped the tradition itself. They had their own motives and beliefs and these have influenced the tradition that has brought out the character of Jesus as we know today (Nineham 1986: 21). This traditioning was a process that began by orally recounting the story at private or public gatherings. The public gatherings being more favoured because preachers or teachers, that is those entrusted with the traditioning process, would have told the story at worship or catechumen gatherings (Nineham 1986: 22). As is sometimes the practice with preaching today so it may have been in the first century. Anyone telling the story would be driven by a particular need of the time, for example if a message on good neighbours was needed then the

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