The Governess 's Lack Of Social Experience Essay

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The Governess’s lack of social experience leads her to perceive sex in a skewed light. The twenty-year-old protagonist of The Turn of the Screw by Henry James has been put in charge of the schooling and supervision of two young children after the death of their former Governess. Flora and Miles, the niece and nephew of a rich bachelor have been put into the custody of their uncle. Their uncle, ill-equipped to raise them on his own, delegates his newfound responsibilities to a variety of servants who live with the children at one of his estates, Bly. After just two interviews with the Uncle, the Governess was given her position and took on the responsibilities of raising two children with very little support. The ill experienced Governess falls in love with the children’s uncle and is overtaken by her desires for him. Her sexual immaturity bars her from properly registering her feelings, causing Freudian principles to encompass her desires. The Governess’s immaturity is a foundation for her lack of sexual understanding. The Governess was essentially ripped from her childhood. She was a young woman who was never given the chance to explore all sides of her identity, especially her sexuality. This is a woman was torn away from all that she knew, and placed in a situation where she would have to dig deep within herself to find and channel motherly qualities, qualities she was never given the opportunity to develop. The Governess was placed in a social structure where her
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