The Government And Its Effects On The Minority Report By Philip K. Dick

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The government plays a major role in dystopic stories and novels, and as these stories start to unfold, one can see the flaws in which how government works and how if effects the rest of society. In the Minority Report, written by Philip K. Dick, the mechanisms of the government’s systems begins to show different flaws when surveillance is use to determine the pre-crime of major crimes, and what happens to their citizens once a verdict is reached. Any type of Government surveillance can do more harm than good, due to the fact they invade the privacy of the people, in some cases resulting in giving innocent people unfair and unlawful punishments, and also because it can fail to protect and create an aspect of fear among their citizens. In The Minority Report, Philip K. Dick creates a government that can make an arrest with the assumption that their suspect is guilty, without taking into consideration that there was a minority report, which is the chance that their suspect is innocent. The people of this society had begun to see how this system is corrupt, and the coming to the point of how, “If no arrests were made, there would still have been no crimes committed.” As people see the chances of innocent citizens being arrested for no crime, they begin to think, how many murders would actually take place, and how many people would be falsely accused. When the flaw of arresting innocent people is first drawn to attention, it is made clear that any person who had be given a

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