The Government And State Government

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In understanding the way governments works on a local level, we must first understand that national government and state government are not the same. The United States uses a system called Federalism which is a decentralization of the responsibilities of the government. In other words, power is divided amongst the national and subnational governments all while maintaining a separate and autonomous authority (Dye Macmanus 56). The purpose for this system is to make sure the national government doesn’t turn into a tyrannical power over the people. This ideology of separation of powers goes even deeper within the national government and state governments’ infrastructure. For example, the national government is divided into 3 main branches,…show more content…
Each state is governed by these two chambers in their respective state. Due to the autonomy of each state in the union, services provided and positions on critical issues may vary across states. Moreover, there is the cultural aspect within each state that plays an influential role in how each state is governed. The state of Florida follows the same infrastructure as the national government as far as legislature. Florida has its own constitution and its legislature is comprised of the two chambers mentioned earlier, which are the senate and the House of Representatives. Not all states have both chambers and what’s called a bicameral legislature. Nebraska has only one chamber, and thus considered to have a unicameral legislature. Florida Senate chamber has 40 senators with Joe Negron as president of the senate. These senators must live in the district of which they serve in. The house of representatives has 120 Representatives with Richard Corcoran as the Speaker of the house. Both chambers are made up of democratic and republican members. States such as Florida also has elections which are held for political positions not only in legislature, but also positions such as Governor. In Florida, the governor is Rick Scott and he is the 45th governor of Florida. The qualifications to be elected as Florida Governor is you must be no younger than 30 years of age and have lived in Florida for the preceding seven
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