The Government And The Federal Service

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Are we as American citizens receiving what we expect from our government or are we demanding too much from it. It seems that over the last several years we have demanded that our government has to find ways of doing more with less. As a result of the ever-increasing demands our government is forced to face, according to Professor Paul C. Light, the American government is ill executed and the federal service is less energetic than ever before (Paul, 2008). Thus, it seems that we as Americans are not getting what we expect from our government. It is overworked; load with bureaucratic problems, forcing federal service workers to more with less. However problematic our government is, through out its history, it has created many different…show more content…
In addition, when we want to mail a letter for a less than a cup of coffee, we rely on the United States Postal Service or how we are protected at work from working in unsafe and unhealthy working conditions by the Occupation Safety and Health Act which was passed by Congress (Amy, 2007). These examples are just a few of the wonderful things that we have come to expect from our government over the years. Most people do not even think about how their lives would be dramatically different if the government was not involved. It almost as if American Citizens have forgotten the achievements, the government has made. To go even further with how the government improved our lives, according to Rux Netting of the news site Market Watch, the government has done 10 things really well that have helped improve our lives over the years: Protecting our Freedom, Giving away land, educating everyone, helping people retire with dignity, improving public health, building our transpiration networks, investing in our local communities, building our energy supplies, investing in the future, and defending us from fascism and communism (Netting, 2011). Thus we can state that the government being involved in our lives as citizens has had a positive impact. Were would we be as a society if the government was not as heavily involved in protecting, educating or giving
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