The Government And The Federal Service

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Are we as American citizens receiving what we expect from our government or are we demanding too much from it. It seems that over the last several years we have demanded that our government has to find ways of doing more with less. As a result of the ever-increasing demands our government is forced to face, according to Professor Paul C. Light, the American government is ill executed and the federal service is less energetic than ever before (Paul, 2008). Thus, it seems that we as Americans are not getting what we expect from our government. It is overworked; load with bureaucratic problems, forcing federal service workers to more with less. However problematic our government is, through out its history, it has created many different programs that are embedded in our everyday life. The federal government over the last ten years has done specific things exceptionally well. Even though success is thriving and well within certain aspects of the federal government and the federal service, the current structure and bureaucratic problems faced by the government, has held American citizens back from receiving what they demand. Overall, the government cannot live up to what we expect from it.
Over the years the American government has provided its citizens with many different programs that have improved our daily lives. For example, when a person is awakened by their alarm clock, they know that time on the clock is correct thanks to the National Institute of Standards and…
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