The Government And The People 's Personal Privacy

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For the past few decades, the relationship between the government and the people’s personal privacy has been a widely controversial topic in the United States. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, privacy is the state of being away from the public’s attention. The right to privacy is becoming increasingly harder for individuals to keep hold of, and a primary cause of this is the widening of the scope of the government for the sake of national security. For over a decade, there has been ethical abuse by the United States government which costs the taxpayers money and threatens the future privacy of the people. Ever since the tragic attacks on the country in September of 2001, the government, under the pretense of preserving national security and preventing future terrorist attacks, has been passing ill-defined legislation and launching undisclosed programs which overstep constitutional boundaries and impede on citizens’ rights. These initiatives place a burden on the government’s budget and employ funds which could serve a better purpose if invested into more justifiable causes. The issue of government interference will only progress as technological advancements over time make the illegal tracking, surveillance, and obtainment of private information more effective and efficient. The United States government must take a step back, halt illegal and unconstitutional programs, and seek congressional approval before making any future decisions which affect
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