The Government Authority Of The United States

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When one looks at federalism throughout the United States, do most think that it is still relevant to this day? Some think that it has remained consistent since the passing of the Constitution. But some people in today’s society think that the government authority that is supposed to be shared between the national and local governments is starting to be overpowered by federal law and local and state governments are not getting the rights promised to them years ago when the Constitution was passed. The reality in today’s society is that apart from military affairs and international diplomacy, most “national” laws, policies, and programs are shaped, administered, or funded in whole or in part through a complex, and often contentious system of federal-state relations. The arguments of the antifederalists are beginning to come through, that even though states still have some flexibility in implementing policies, it is overall the federal government that has the final say. The federal government has taken over many places in which used to be governed over by that states, such as social welfare policy, education, health care, and a minimum wage (Wilson, DiIulio, Bose, 2011). A big debate in recent years over whether it should be regulated by federal or state law is the debate over gun control throughout the United States. The debate over gun control in the United States today relates to the debate over federalism because of different cases in recent history relating to gun
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