The Government Bioethics Conspiracy Of The United States

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World governments have frequently relied on unknowing participants and or prisoners of war for experimentation. While these experiments range vastly concerning procedures, outcomes, and justification, they all existed to outsmart international enemies efficiently. The government bioethics conspiracy I researched is Project MKUltra. This was a secretive CIA program that experimented with mind control, hallucinogenic drugs, and the behavioral engineering of humans from 1953 to 1973. Because the program existed for a couple decades, it encompassed a wide-range of experiments, types of patients, and immense secrecy. More often than not, test subjects were not aware of tests to be conducted and thought they were participating in standard medical tests at first. Despite the program coming to a halt, many believe human experimentation is still ongoing and don’t see a future without secret government research. Project MKUltra was initiated by the CIA and the U.S. Army 's CHemical Corps in the early 1950 's and quickly became an immense project that covered over 80 institutions, and involved hundreds of scientists. (Horrock, Nicholas M. (4 Aug 1977). "80 Institutions Used in C.I.A. Mind Studies: Admiral Turner Tells Senators of Behavior Control Research Bars Drug Testing Now". New York Times.) A majority of the research was done at U.S. universities and occasionally the participants were cognizant of forthcoming events. One example is Ken Kesey who willingly took part in an MKUltra

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