The Government Doesn 't Care About Wounded Veterans

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Daniel Wurtz Professor Davis English 102 Final Paper 5/11/15 The Government Doesn’t Care About Wounded Veterans Veterans make up seven percent of the American population, but they account for twenty percent of its suicides. Yes, that is indeed a real statistic, more importantly, what is the government, the people that ordered those men and women deliberately into harm’s way, doing about this tragedy. In light of recent conflicts the United States has been engaging in, such as the conflicts in the Middle East, a new silent killer of returning veterans, has become more visible to the public. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, has taken its toll recently on Veterans returning from the harsh…show more content…
The government is not doing all they can to help returning vets, it is incredibly hard and stressful to get treatment, it is woefully underfunded, it doesn 't have the proper classification so therefore treatment is not as accessible. It seems as if the U.S. Government is struggling to pay attention to PTSD treatment, because it may bring the ailment into the public eye, and the Military might suffer in morale and number of volunteers, due to people not wanting the risk of PTSD. The thing about the military is that, “No one teaches anybody had to deal with that. And it also gets back to the, in the military it 's the John Wayne mentality of you don 't show emotion. You 're not allowed to admit that you 're sad or upset or anything ever. It 's not manly.”(Beer Is Cheaper 51:23) “Every war has its signature wound. In World War I it was poison gas damaged lungs. In World War II it was radiation that caused cancer. In Vietnam in was Agent Orange that caused neurological damage and skin disorders; and for the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts it is TBI. Since August 2007, when screening for TBI, 83% of wounded troops were diagnosed with TBI, the largest group being 21 year-olds.”(Driscoll) In recent events and in the news, PTSD and TBI is getting more and more
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