The Government Gives Permission to Build It and the Businesses Mantain

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Topic: Museum of Science and Industry EQ: To what extent is the Government responsible for creating and maintaining museums? Thesis: The Government can give permission to make the museum but it is usually business runned when it comes to maintaining it. By: Rishika Suraparaju The Museum of Science and Industry was built unlike any other museum, and was ran unlike any other museum before. The Museum opened in 1933, which was the same year as the “Century of Progress” Fair or otherwise known as the 1933 World Fair. The founder was Julius Rosenwald. As a result, when it was opened it was named as the Rosenwald Industrial Museum. It stood in Chicago for 80 years. This museum is business runned and it is a privately owned museum. To what…show more content…
Consequently, after the construction was over Rosenwald died. With a result that, a year later in 1933 the museum opened concurrently around the “Century of Progress” Fair which is also known as the 1933 World Fair. Famous Exhibits Exhibits from the past during the first 30 years stay famous today. The exhibits that stand famous today are in particular, the Coal Mine, Santé Fe Railroad Model, U-505, the Walk-Through Heart, the Baby Chick Hatchery, and the Apollo 8 capsule. The Coal Mine was the actual first exhibit. As a result the line is still awfully long ("Museum of Science and Industry.") The Sante Fe Railroad opens in 1943 and is still there for the next 60 years until the Great Train Story exhibit. The giant Walk-Through Heart opens in 1950 and as a result it quickly becomes a museum favorite. The U-505 arrives to the museum in 1954. It is in fact one of the five remaining submarines left in the world. Today it is still known as a prized artifact in the museum’s collection. In 1956 the first baby chick hatches in the Baby Chick Hatchery, which is located in the Genetics: Decoding Life exhibit. It still amazes kids today. The Apollo 8 capsule arrives to the museum in 1971. It is the centerpiece in the space exhibit and it becomes more and more popular every day. Those exhibits are still incredibly popular today.( "Museum of Science and Industry.") Palace Fine Arts The Palace of Fine Arts was built by Charles C. Atwood. It was built

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