The Government Has A Positive Impact On Economic Sustainability

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The government has a positive impact on economic sustainability because it strives to stabilize the economy by forming a positive reliance within the financial industry. The United
States is considered the financial capital of the world; therefore, it is essential for our government to collaborate with the world’s strongest financial firms, which help establish transparency between investors, institutions, and businesses worldwide. America has adapted a free market economy, which states, “A free market is a market in which there is no economic intervention and regulation by the state, except to enforce private contracts and the ownership of property.”
(“Free Market”, by Wikipedia and is governed by CC-BY-SA) Recently there has been major controversy due to those who believe it is wrong for the government to interfere with the free market. Yet at the same time many people still believe it is the government’s obligation to keep the financial institution in a synchronized manner in order to maintain the economical stability globally. The main issues that are presented by the financial markets include self-interest, instability, and unlawful transparency; therefore, this is why the government wants to continue implementing antitrust laws, economic regulations and distribution information equally.
Many people believe there should be limited government regulation in our financial markets because America is considered one of the worlds largest free markets;…
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