The Government Must Solve The Immigration Crisis

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It is time for the U.S. government to resolve the immigration crisis, which has not only become an ethical dilemma, but also an economic setback. Finding a solution doesn’t mean drawing up a quick law or rule that will slow down the crisis, we must tackle this dilemma head on ethically in a way that is acceptable for both the government and the public. The rule of law and compassion are intertwined when discussing immigration. Rule of law revolves around the responsibility to those in the country whereas compassion illustrates dignity, respect, and responsibility toward outsiders. Ethics conveys a vital function to both rule of law and compassion when associated with immigration. The U.S. government must solve the immigration crisis with a delicate hand while also utilizing a moral compass due to the extreme level the situation has reached. Anyone that can influence society such as government officials must be required to differentiate the distinction between right and wrong with immigration when developing a plan for the future. Immigration and the laws around it have developed a current condition within the United States of America where many illegal immigrants look to work and also live, which has been caused by many different reasons by politicians and the media. Illegal immigrants have both positive and negative attributes for the U.S. economy and civilization. Presently, the disputes between deportation or amnesty are constantly head to head with one another causing a…
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