The Government Of Hong Kong Essay

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There have been several solutions informed to the government of Hong Kong to encourage green features such as ‘communal gardens, sunshades and reflectors, wind catchers and noise barriers.’ (Lo, 2005). The need for green architecture is expanded within this book, justifying the demand in adopting sustainability within high-density cities. ‘Energy efficient designs and renewable energy sources in buildings have become a world trend in striving for a sustainable future.’ (Lo, 2005) The inevitable growing capacity of population and urbanization leads to perceiving high-density cities as a problem. However the sustainability integration will help reduce the energy usage, diminish the use of fossil fuels and develop new ways to designing architecture. 4. ‘Do buildings and cities, in the way they are currently built, contribute to green economy and growth?’ (Aboulnaga, 2014) The book illustrates how sustainability enhances architecture in the long term, but also seeks for solutions such as renewable energy, and promoting energy-efficient buildings. There are features to classifying a sustainable building, such as site and surroundings, energy efficiency, renewable energy use, water consumption, materials etc. 5. Perhaps the implementation of sustainability in Hong Kong is appropriate due to giving aid to the damage made towards the surrounding environment. ‘A building with a creative concept is sensitive to its environment, protecting environment from pollution caused by
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