The Government Of India Is Not Much Valuable More Than An Animal

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Everyone has right to life but we also know that without knowledge life is not as a proper right. The government of India is doing in order to fulfil this right to life, started the Sarv shiksha abhiyan which provides free primary education to all children. Without education life is not much valuable more than an animal. Therefore Government started this scheme to provide free primary education. Under this project, we are going to discuss about this programme. We will also discuss about the history behind this programme. How government gave legal force to this programme, it is also discussed. There is a possibility of some challenges before every programme so also we try to find out some challenges which may make some problem in the way of this scheme. Every challenge is discussed with solution that how we can remove this drawbacks and get the real object. It is a policy based programme which can be analysed through data tables which provide data about all the states of nation that how we are working and how much we are achieving from this programme. Thus many tables are used to discuss the comparative improvement of many states in which Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, UP etc are mainly discussed. Through this comparative table discussion we reach to the conclusion of the project. Therefore it is very good project to understand the primary education of our country especially in rural areas.


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