The Government Of India With The British

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There is a natural propensity to evaluate the Government of India with the British. But Indian Parliament and parliamentary institutions and procedures are not a copy of the Westminster system. There are fundamental differences between their system and Indian system. Democracy extends way beyond elections. However, the holding of transparent, credible and accountable elections is important for any democratic country and election observers make a significant contribution in this process. In this essay, I will be heading a team of British officials who will be observing the Parliamentary election process in India in May 2014. Being from Britain, we will witness a lot of similarities between the political systems of India, however there will also be some differences, like India being a federal republic and a parliamentary democracy at the same time while Britain practices constitutional monarchy. Furthermore, India has a president and a prime minister, whereas, although the head of state in Britain is in the form of a prime minister, it also has a symbolic royalty head in the form of a ruling monarch. Generally the elections in India has been quite peaceful, well-organized but quite unpredictable at the same time, especially with the growing influence of upcoming parties.
English Parliament has developed through somewhere in the range of three hundred years of history. In Britain, it can be the main establishment which practices sovereign forces and on which there are no…
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