The Government Of Norway Is A Constitutional Monarchy

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From the list of Socialist Countries, my choice is Norway. The Government of Norway is a Constitutional Monarchy. Norwegian economy is a mixed economy, it has a private sector, and a considerable state sector, with a wide ranging social safety net. Key areas are contained by the Government such as the petrol sector. There is considerable regulation and state majority owned businesses. Norway is abounding with natural resources, hydropower, fish, forests, minerals and, of course the petroleum industry. Their biggest export market is petroleum. Petroleum is also their greatest piece of export payoff. Norway is the seventh greatest oil exporter. They made an enormous off shore find in 2011. They have elected to stay out of the European Union. They are however, affiliated with the European Economic Area, and they are big patrons of the European Union Budget. Norway has an excess governmental budget. Their monarchial wealth treasury is valued at over 870 billion dollars as of December of 2014. The annual use of this fund for public expenses is around 4%. The United States has already refined business relations with Norway. The business relationship between the United States and Norway is superior. The risk factor here would be how stable is your company in your current market? If your company has developed a stable foundation in the United States, then I see no risks in trading with Norway. You may have to hire an attorney familiar with international trade,

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