The Government Of The United States Government

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The United States government was created by the founding fathers to allow men to be free, but to also have a governmental system that protects that freedom as well. The United States government is problematic. It goes above and beyond the necessity and, because of this, is dysfunctional at best. The government today has gone beyond protecting the rights of American citizens. It has become a large entity that is wholly useless. The government of the United States is too large, therefore, this creates many problems with things like governmental overreach and extreme inefficiency. A smaller government would be more functional and could return to a more efficient, and likely constitutional basis of existence. It may be difficult to move to a smaller government if the United States cannot figure out a good way to do this. The size of the government has made it to be inefficient for almost everyone to use. Unless one has insider knowledge, they must stand at the back of a seemingly stagnant line to do simple tasks like applying for permits. Some of this inefficiency is the result of errors made by the government which then create more complications to fix. According to the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”), the United States government spends about 45 billion dollars a year on federal programs that are redundant (Ehley 2014). For a government that is about 18 trillion dollars in debt, that is an enormous amount of wasted money. The GAO defines the federal programs as
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