The Government Protecting Citizens from Corruption

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Introduction The fundamental ground of our democracy is “The First Amendment” that gives its citizens the promise of freedom of expression. The First Amendment may be seen as a concept of basic freedom, which carries the idea that it, is more important to practice rather than to protect it. Regardless if a person is liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, the role within the United States government is to carry out essential responsibilities its citizens cannot perform. The United States citizens are responsible of electing politicians into government positions to solve the problems the country faces. One of those problems is corruption.
The power of money is at the center of political corruption and even though fraud has been in existence for a long time, in recent years it has become a lot worse. In the past when politicians sought to run for office each individual had to raise a few thousand dollars, businesses in the past were smaller, manageable and the risk factors were minimal. Currently political contributions run in the millions, making Washington a booming business. Most of the money that is raised goes to lobbyist, campaign aids, deceiving PR operations, and pretentious grass-roots groups. The American citizens have felt the repercussion with the political and lobbying establishments who are now in control of the public debates and the policy-making process all for the benefit of the well-financed special interest groups. My paper will focus on how the
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