The Government Should Fund Free Education

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In today’s economy in order to be successful, a college education is essential. Having an education has become a privilege rather than a right. The government should fund free education as a way of investing in the future generations. Therefore, the first two years of college should be free to every student graduating from high school. Firstly, financing each student’s education has been a struggle; especially for students that come from low-income families who are living paycheck to paycheck. Students who work hard in school and get exceptional grades are faced with putting their education on hold because of their family 's financial struggles. According to Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential candidate, “Why do we accept a situation where hundreds of thousands of qualified people are unable to go to college because their families don’t have enough money?” (qtd. in Feel the Bern). In order to attain an education, these students are driven to work part-time jobs while being full-time students. Instead of students being focused on their education, they are more worried about securing their tuition for the next semester. Trying to secure their tuition they are willing to work extra-long hours by limiting their study time. Exhausted students will only jeopardize their grades, causing them to underachieve in their classes. When students are underachieving they are discouraged and at times this is the cause of students dropping out and giving up on their successful education.

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