The Government Should Limit The Public Access

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Today in our society, the United States government has full access to every citizen’s personal information. This information ranges from our names, phone numbers, addresses, and even our Social Security number. While some of our information should be private, a lot of it is accessible to the public. In fact, our personal information is so public that even a complete stranger that lives one hundred miles away can type your name in and find out where we live and contact us via email and by telephone. While the government has the right to have access to this information, they shouldn’t release this type of information to the public. The government should limit the public access to our personal information in order to satisfy and protect our privacy, ourselves, and our piece of mind.
In the year 2015 there is no such thing as privacy. All you have to do is type in someone’s name and all of their information is available in plain sight for heavy scrutiny. There are many of websites such as “” and “” that broadcasts millions of citizens’ information starting from your birth date, your birth certificate, your current address, your past address, and even your death certificate. Next thing you know a person that you’ve never met before comes out of nowhere reciting your whole life story. This much information shouldn’t be made available to the public.
It’s understandable that some people might use the website “” to find out more about their…
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